Sunday, August 07, 2011

Court Fish Joins the Legal Information and Education Community

Court Fish, a legal information and education website, has recently been launched.

Court Fish is the brain child of Jeff Meltzer, a California business man; Kirk Walker, a Lawyer in Nevada; and Marc Morgan, a Wisconsin licensed lawyer. These three men are driven by the goal of making legal resources more accessible to all people. Their website targets pro se litigants and other groups in need of legal information and education services.

Court Fish enables you to ask lawyers questions online and to receive answers quickly through a question and answer (“Q&A”) platform. No longer do you need to be on hold on a telephone for hours. No longer do you need to wait for days to have an attorney return your call. Court Fish is also great because you can retain lawyers through the website, purchase legal document templates, and enroll in a legal education course.

The founders of Court Fish strongly believe that it is important for people to be informed and educated about their legal rights. Many legal professionals generate an income by keeping clients in the dark. At Court Fish, the model is different, income is generated by giving you lots of information.

The mix of services offered by Court Fish are designed to increase your access to legal information and education. You can visit the website at


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